Vitria Technology & MID Business Combine Forces to Expand Local Business Services

M3O’s Operational Intelligence Suite Provides Seamless Integration Solution for Selling Cooking Gas to Consumers via SMS

Rio de Janerio, Brazil – December 16, 2010: Vitria Technology, Inc. today announced a partnership with MID Business to provide a solution for three separate parties to collaborate on enabling fuel distributors to bring new services to their customers. This partnership is projected to save all of the involved parties millions of dollars by improving overall service levels.

Leveraging Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Suite and the operations management expertise of MID Business, the partnership will enable Oi (the largest landline telephone company in Brazil), Ultragaz (a pioneer in the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas in Brazil), and Oi Paggo (a Brazilian credit card company) to allow customers to request, purchase, and schedule delivery of LP cooking gas via SMS (text) messages.

MID Business is committed to implementing innovative business models to improve the overall customer experience. “Using Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Suite, we are able to offer an innovative business model for our three partners, who otherwise could not have accomplished this without a tremendous amount of integration services. We were able to accomplish this task without putting extra demands on our internal IT departments. Our customers now have a more secure, innovative, and practical channel for ordering cooking gas,” said Carlos Eduardo Jereissati Ary, Managing Partner at MID Business.

MID Business’s implementation of Vitria’s M3O platform successfully integrates all three technologies from Oi, Ultragaz, and Oi Paggo to provide a seamless solution. MID Business is utilizing M3O capabilities to create model-driven workflow automation, exception handling, and event monitoring, empowering analysts to respond to customers’ market demands in real-time, thereby increasing business responsiveness and agility.

“Vitria and MID Business are providing a solution where customers no longer need come in person to purchase a gas canister. Through our mobile SMS service, a customer can request, purchase, and confirm the service all via SMS. The same is true for the resale of gas,” said Carlos Roberto Freire Veiga Filho, Manager at MID Business.

According to Mr. Ary, Vitria was able to seamlessly integrate into the clients’ preexisting IT environments without any intrusive action. Additionally, Vitria’s quick deployment time was another key reason for winning the partner’s trust.

“MID Business’s business expertise combined with Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Suite will enable MID Business to deliver a more convenient, simple, and secure customer experience. It will also give customers the flexibility to order and receive gas canisters from anywhere in the region,” said Dr. Dale Skeen, CTO at Vitria.

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About MID Business
Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, MID Business is a company that was founded in 2007 by professionals from the areas of finance, technology, health, counseling, sociology, design, academia, and entrepreneurship to help other companies develop innovative business models.

About Vitria
Vitria Technology, Inc. provides the industry’s leading Operational Intelligence suite, empowering partners and customers alike to develop innovative Operational Intelligence solutions to analyze business activities in the proper context and take real-time action. The result is faster, better decision-making. With a rich heritage as a technology pioneer, Vitria’s award-winning process integration solutions provide the backbone for many Global 2000 companies’ mission-critical business processes. Vitria has customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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