Vitria Named As Ventana Research 2010 Leadership Award Winner

Sunnyvale, California – November 15, 2010 : Vitria, a leading provider of Operational Intelligence products and solutions, announced today that it was named the winner of a 2010 Leadership Award in the category of Operational Intelligence and Complex Event Processing by Ventana Research, a leading benchmark research and advisory services firm.

A designated leader in the category, Vitria achieved the top score in the evaluation. “This distinguished Leadership Award for Vitria is the result of its dedication to customer success and enabling information to be readily available through its Operational Intelligence technology,” said Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research. “TXU Energy should be congratulated for its success and using the technology from Vitria to achieve the desired business outcomes necessary for its operations.”

Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence Suite gives enterprises the ability to visualize, analyze, and act in real-time on operational data originating from a wide variety of information sources. The M3O Suite enables decision-makers to respond to changing business conditions, and increase operational efficiencies and overall responsiveness. This can help a business maintain customer satisfaction and retention, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue.

“Our M3O Operational Intelligence Suite gives enterprises real-time visibility into normally hidden processes, with the ability to proactively resolve issues before impacting their customers,” said Dr. Dale Skeen, co-founder and CTO of Vitria. “Consequently, our customers, such as TXU Energy, are better equipped to enhance and optimize their own customers’ experiences.”

Vitria enables organizations to move beyond traditional business analytics with groundbreaking capabilities that give users greater control to manage their business. Through the M3O Operational Intelligence Suite, customers are realizing such benefits as revenue boosts from increased customer satisfaction and marketing effectiveness, improved governance and regulatory compliance, enhanced worker productivity, better utilization of operational resources, and improved operational efficiencies.

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About Vitria
Vitria Technology, Inc. provides the industry’s leading Operational Intelligence suite, empowering partners and customers alike to develop innovative Operational Intelligence solutions to analyze business activities in the proper context and take real-time action. The result is faster, better decision-making. With a rich heritage as a technology pioneer, Vitria’s award-winning process integration solutions provide the backbone for many Global 2000 companies’ mission-critical business processes. Vitria has customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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