Vitria’s Platform Capabilities


Real-Time Analytics

VIA provides fast, real-time analytics that can scale with both the volume and velocity of your IoT data, up to million of events per second and down to sub-second processing speeds. Real-time Advanced Analytics can score, predict, and prescribe the right action at the right time. Learn more


Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics VIA Platform Screen Grabs

VIA’s Visual Analytics provide an easy and fast way for Operations and Business Analysts to visualize and explore analytical results, highlight key relationships, spot anomalies, test hypothesis, and diagnose problems – ensuring the right decision and the right action at the right time. Learn more


Intelligent Automation

Timely action is the critical final step in creating value in IoT, and VIA’s process automation suite supports both fully automated processes and human-guided workflows that , which are analytics-driven, situationally aware, and adaptive. Learn more


Process Monitoring

VIA can monitor and analyze IoT and Business Processes, providing real-time process intelligence for detecting process anomalies, optimizing inefficiencies, and dynamically adaptive processing. Advanced process analytics can reveal the source of these inefficiencies and problems, yielding improved processes that are repeatable, measurable, and leading to improved profitability and business performance. Learn more


Elastic Architecture

Underlying the VIA analytics platform are the most innovative technologies available for supporting elastic, scalable IoT Analytics, including Hadoop’s HDFS and Hive for storing massive amounts of structured, time-series, and unstructured data; Spark and Spark Streaming for scalable processing; and Kafka for scalable data ingestion. Learn more


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