Capitalize on the time value of money!

New regulatory requirements, volatile economic forecasts and highly scrutinized finances have increased pressure on business leaders to optimize performance in this new economy. Even more so, massive volumes of incoming data must now be managed in order to extract insight, grow revenue and maintain compliance. This combination of business challenges makes the real-time analysis of information a critical business objective.

Operational Intelligence is an easy way to add real-time analytics to applications and solutions while also bringing visibility to the hidden process and complexities of existing infrastructure. Vitria’s¬†Operational Intelligence platform enables Vitria Partners to quickly add real-time capabilities to their current solutions and service offerings. Vitria can also supplement existing customer deployments to add real-time analytics and visibility into “the hidden processes” of enterprise software to existing deployments.

If your business delivers value through enterprise software and solutions, Vitria can help you to create a premium real-time edition of your solution and services. Vitria works closely with consulting providers, system integrators, resellers and technology partners to quickly design and deliver solutions and support offerings that will grow your business.

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