Communications & Media

A Large Communications & Media Company Achieves Operational Intelligence and Decreases Response Time to Potential Customer and Operational Issues

Client Profile:
The client is a leading telecommunications, media and entertainment company. The client’s portfolio of operations includes: a full suite of advanced digital television, voice, and high-speed Internet services, publishing and interactive media, world-renowned entertainment showplaces, professional sports teams, and popular national and regional programming networks. The client has been a Vitria customer since 1999.


  • Increase visibility into performance of underlying IT infrastructure
  • Provide business users insight into in-flight processes
  • Track and manage exception conditions
  • Support development and testing cycle

Goals & Objectives:

  • Reduce reaction time
  • Avoid and eliminate issues that negatively impact the customer experience
  • Support frequent product and process changes in order to adapt to competitive pressures


  • Leverage pre-emptive support processes
  • Greater Business/ IT support collaboration
  • Task management efficiency
  • Visibility into potential revenue leakage

Vitria M3O Operations Book, part of Vitria M3O Suite, delivers real-time visibility and insight into the performance of the client’s IT Infrastructure, Process Flows and Exception Events.

Rapid Access to Operational Intelligence without Impacting Performance

Communications and Media companies need to reduce reaction time, avoid and eliminate issues that negatively impact the customer experience, and support frequent product and process changes in order to adapt to competitive pressures. These requirements, which are always a difficult to deliver, have become more difficult in today’s environment of tight budgets and pressure to work within the systems and infrastructure that have already been deployed. Understanding these challenges, the client has taken an innovative approach to provide more visibility into their operations so they can do more with less, as well as leverage their existing investments.

A key part of the client’s innovative approach was the decision to leverage Vitria M3O Operations Book for a rich visualization of real-time operational performance. M3O Operations Book takes raw information from process flows and other information sources, applies correlations and other advanced analytics, and presents the results in an easy to manipulate browser-based dashboard. The dashboards are made available to the operations and technical teams involved in all facets of these processes.

The client also leveraged Vitria’s professional services to rapidly deploy this operational intelligence solution with minimal impact to existing operations. The project, from beginning to end, occurred over the course of one month, with part-time involvement from the client’s team and the full-time support of one Vitria consultant who called on other experts as needed. The Vitria team handled the development tasks, transfer of knowledge, and production deployment of M3O Operations Book.

M3O Operations Book Provides Process and Exception Visibility

By inspecting the data contained in order BPOs (business process objects), the client is now able to track, in real time, order volumes, average cycle time, straightthrough processing metrics, and queue work loads as they pass through the process management infrastructure. Unlike historical reports provided at day’s end, this kind of information enables managers to identify bottlenecks (e.g., rising backlogs) and take action before the customer’s experience is impacted.

Only Vitria M3O Operations Book dashboards combine visual performance summarization with the ability to drill down in context to individual transactions. Users no longer have to switch tools or inspect raw transaction information to learn the details of potentially problematic transactions. Not only will the client save time and make the information more widely available, but this capability is the launching point for advanced exception management by applying automatic and manual support to resolving planned and unplanned exceptions.

M3O Operations Book Provides Infrastructure Health Monitoring

The health and performance of the underlying messaging and process management infrastructure is critical to the client for end-to-end order processing performance. Historically, the IT support team at the client would discover an infrastructure issue when downstream processes were delayed – a very re-active approach. Now with M3O Operations Book, the IT operations team has real-time and historical views of channel performance, CPU utilization, and other performance indicators. The team can set monitoring thresholds which allow technical performance issues to be addressed thus avoiding negative process impacts.

In addition to better production support, the client also expects to speed-up the development, test, and deployment cycle, thus reacting faster to business requirements. With the ability to compare “before and after” performance metrics, the support team will have greater confidence that process and code changes will not impact overall performance.

Results: Excellent Return on Investment

from Vitria M3O Operations Book and Professional Services Methodology In about a month’s time, the client significantly improved its ability to monitor operations and provide the right information at the right time to its teams. The client achieved this rapidly, and with little impact on current operations, by following Vitria’s “Quick Start” M3O Operations Book methodology. Vitria’s Professional Services facilitated an iterative design process to develop the operational views, determine the required information, and get information easily from the underlying systems. In these economic times when budgets are tight, a combination of short-term benefits with a repeatable methodology proved to be a winner.

“Vitria M3O Operations Book allows us to pinpoint issues before they create production problems.” – Vice President, Application Development