Use Cases

The Vitria OI platform can deliver relevant business outcomes and use cases across industry verticals, such as manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, retail, and more.

  • Predictive Customer Experience
    Anticipate customers’ need in real-time and enrich their experience – when, where, and how – across the customer journey to increase retention and loyalty.

  • Fraud Detection
    Identify and alert on fraud in real-time so enterprises can act proactively to prevent the fraud before it adversely impacts the bottom line.

  • Supply Chain Optimization
    Optimize your supply chain with real-time visibility – inventory management, operating costs such as transportation and distribution, and order fulfillment.

  • Process Visibility
    Gain real-time visibility of processes, transactions, and activities across an enterprise through a single pane of glass.

  • Service Assurance
    Ensure smooth business operations while delivering service – maintaining optimal quality and improving customer experience.

  • Real-Time 1-to-1 Marketing
    Drive new types of revenue and create a completely unique customer experience based on lifestyle, location, purchase history, and behavior.