Open IoT Data Lake and Elastically Scalable Query Service


Open IoT Data Lake

Scalable, Reliable, and Secure

Icon-OpenDataLake-SMThe volume and speed of data in IoT Analytics requires a level of scalability and elasticity that goes well beyond traditional enterprise data systems. VIA’s Open IoT Data Lake provides the open, scalable data services required to support the complete analytics lifecycle: raw data ingestion, data enrichment, data exploration, model building, and analytics processing. Data at all stages are captured, stored, secured, and curated, along with its appropriate metadata thereby a vast reservoir for historical and Machine Learning analytical data. The open architecture supporting easy access via SQL, JDBC, and JSON APIs for third party tools such as Tableau. This flexibility accelerates development and leverages your existing IT investments, data, and infrastructure.

Key capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive IoT data lake stores raw events, process events, and analytical data
  • Elastic scalability leveraging Hadoop and Hive handles IoT Big Data use cases that require access to a variety of data sources and types.
  • Time series data enables high performance querying by “consumers.”
  • Single location for data curation and enhancement of data assets
  • In memory caching of real-time and frequently accessed data enhances scalability


Elastically Scalable Query Service

icon-elasticquery-smThe query service needed for IoT Analytics also requires the same elastically scalable architecture to meet IoT challenges. VIA’s Elastic Query Service supports access by IoT applications, self-service analytics, and 3rd party data consumers via SQL standards. It works across both Fast and Big IoT Data, and includes:

  • Query and join real-time in-memory data with historical data in the Open IoT Data Lake
  • Elastic scale-out architecture on commodity servers designed to meet IoT demands
  • Open access via SQL/JDBC – you can use the tools you use today to accelerate time-to-solution