Vitria Operational Intelligence Provides O2 with Real-Time Visibility into Customer Experience

Vitria most recently announced that O2, the commercial brand of Telefonica UK, is deploying Vitria Operational Intelligence to gain greater insight into customer experience. Vitria Operational Intelligence 4 was selected and deployed by O2 to gain real-time visibility into customer experience and help meet the challenge of addressing customer-facing issues as they happen. Vitria OI enabled real-time visibility into real-time Big Data, streaming events, and business processes for O2. Vitria OI was able to provide continuous insight into the customer experience by combining and correlating high-volume, high-rate network events with customer data and mobile device data, in real-time.

“We need a holistic picture of each individual customer’s experience so that we can proactively identify and resolve service issues before they negatively impact our customers,” said Dave Akeroyd, Head of OSS Strategy and Architecture at O2. “In addition, we will be seeking to leverage that insight to be able to offer a better service experience for our customers. Rather than procure numerous point solutions, we wanted a unified platform to deploy multiple customer experience initiatives across a variety of business units. Vitria Operational Intelligence offers a single, user-friendly platform that identifies and addresses our most important customer-facing issues and will allow us to enhance our service experience.”

Using both the continuous, real-time analytics and the Intelligent BPMS capabilities within Vitria’s unified platform, O2 is able to proactively detect and resolve potential service quality issues, thereby reducing or removing any impact on the end customer.

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