Credit Recovery Agency Uses Operational Intelligence for Continuous Big Data Analytics

Capital Kadosh, formerly known as Samir Ary, sends more than 120 million messages per month through a variety of communications and social media channels. Capital Kadosh is the most innovative company in credit recovery for banks and consumers in Brazil, and most recently adopted Vitria Operational Intelligence 4 for continuous, real-time analytics™ on Big Data, streaming events, and business processes to enable immediate action.

Capital Kadosh is using Vitria OI 4 to combine and correlate real-time, streaming data with existing (historical) data to locate debtors in default. With Vitria OI 4, Capital Kadosh can identify the relationships between data points from multiple sources and score them according to rules defined by specific KPIs. By using Vitria OI, Capital Kadosh is able to electronically communicate and interact with debtors, who meet the KPI criteria, and negotiate repayment over the Internet.

“Vitria Operational Intelligence 4 has enabled us to better identify debtors in a sea of consumer data,” said Carlos Eduardo Jereissati Ary, General Manager at Capital Kadosh. “The result has been more efficient and effective collection of accounts, in fact, 50% above industry average. With Vitria Operational Intelligence, Capital Kadosh has increased revenue and, simultaneously, lowered costs by reducing the number of agents in the field.”

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