Vitria Previews World’s 1st Operational Intelligence App at TDWI Solution Summit

Vitria exclusively previewed the world’s first Operational Intelligence application (OI app) to attendees of the TDWI Solution Summit, which took place from June 4-6, 2012 in San Diego, CA. TDWI’s Solution Summit provided the ideal forum for Vitria to demonstrate the world’s first OI app in conjunction with its Operational Intelligence Platform, which provides real-time insight into “Big Data in motion.”

KPI Builder, the OI app that was showcased at TDWI, enables business users to build, monitor and gain insight into their organization’s KPIs in mere minutes, share these insights and take informed action. OI apps are easily-configured, lightweight Web applications that deliver continuous, real-time business insights.

OI apps perform real-time analysis on multiple sources of data—from historical data at rest to Big Data in motion. Big Data in motion can include event streams and social media activity streams, such as those from Twitter and Facebook, as well as data from smart grid meters, RSS feeds, networks and the Hadoop framework.

Dr. Dale Skeen, CTO & Co-Founder at Vitria, also presented two OI case studies at the Summit:

  1. A virtual contact center in the Cloud that uses OI to continuously analyze data from social media activity streams
  2. A major telecommunications company that uses OI for service assurance by continuously monitoring and analyzing its operational data

[Dr. Dale Skeen speaking at the TDWI Solution Summit.]

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