Customer Proof That Operational Intelligence Can Be Used For Data Integration

The UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation last month announced a new joint initiative to identify how mobile technology can be effectively utilized in Brazil’s indigenous communities to increase access to information and services, such as healthcare.

Almost three years prior to this initiative, Vitria was long underway to embark a on a joint venture of its own with a telephone company (Oi), an LP gas distributor (Ultragaz), a credit card company (Oi Paggo), and a business development company (MID Business) to utilize mobile technology to deliver LP cooking gas to Brazil’s indigenous communities.

The goal of the project was to allow a rural customer to be able to purchase an LP cooking gas canister by placing an order via SMS message to Ultragaz, complete the purchase with a prepaid credit card from Oi Paggo, and confirm the payment via another SMS message.

The challenge for MID Business and their three partners lied in successfully integrating the three different partner technologies to provide one overall seamless solution.

As a result, MID Business had four key selection criteria in choosing a data integration platform solution:

  1. Cost
  2. Deployment time
  3. Ease-of-use for end business users
  4. Visibility and tracking of each purchase order

Vitria exceeded all four partners’ expectations by not only meeting all of the above four selection criteria, but also providing the end customer with a simple, convenient, and secure service through an innovative experience with the flexibility to place orders from any location.

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