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marketing and business analytics

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Marketing and Business Analytics work together and allow you to drive new revenue with real-time marketing offers. Add IoT Analytics to the equation and you can watch your revenue grow exponentially.


Real-Time Marketing Offers – Right Offer, Right Time, Right Person

All companies and marketers want to provide their customers and prospects with offers to buy when they are most ripe to purchase.     While retailers are usually the focus for these types of use cases, the ability to target offers in real-time to a prospect is applicable to a wide range of industries and applications. When you put marketing and business analytics together and leverage real-time streaming data you can start making real-time marketing offers.

Advances in IoT Analytics are enabling a wide range of new opportunities.

IoT analytics is a relative newcomer to the marketing and business analytics scene.  When you add IoT analytics to the mix, you can target customers in real time to provide personalized offers.

Businesses are just starting to use IoT Analytics to drive new revenue this way.

Wireless communications companies are an excellent example.  Wireless subscribers often face a confusing array of pricing and packaging options when they are traveling outside their core coverage areas.  This challenge is especially acute when international travel is involved as disparate systems, companies, and technologies are often involved.

Another example is service businesses where demand is sensitive to real-time conditions such as weather or traffic.  If a weather forecast is wrong, and services such as snow removal or emergency transportation are required – service offers to those affected in real-time can trigger new customers and revenue.

And yes, traditional retailers are the most obvious example of the power of the right offer to the right person at the right time.  IoT Analytics in real-time can provide opportunities that were simply not possible in the past.  For example, if a loyalty card customer has been standing in front of a watch display for a couple minutes, smart retailers know that a real-time special offer or coupon for a watch will increase the likelihood of a purchase.

These are just a few examples of how marketing and business analytics has been impact by real-time data streams and the Internet of Things. IoT Analytics in real-time provide an entirely new set of opportunities for retailers and marketers in many industries and applications.


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