Streaming Analytics Demonstration: Webinar Replay

As the speed of business accelerates, organizations are producing vast volumes of high velocity data in a variety of formats. Previously, organizations have captured, stored, and then attempted to extract insights from data warehouses, after-the-fact. They are now beginning to realize the benefits of being able to continuously analyze data as it is captured, in real-time, and take immediate action. From improving their customers’ experience to better 1-to-1 marketing to preventing fraud – the benefits abound. The challenge is that few organizations have the tools to analyze and immediately act on streaming data.

During this webinar, the Vitria Product team demonstrated and discussed:

  • What is streaming analytics?
  • How does it compare with Hadoop, BI, and other Big Data analytics solutions?
  • What kinds of business problems are best addressed with streaming analytics?
  • How to uncover, analyze, and act on insights – from streaming analytics
  • Architectural best practices to support both BI and streaming analytics