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Better Business Outcomes With Faster Analytics & Smarter Actions


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Whitepaper: Vitria's IoT Analytics Platform

Vitria’s IoT Analytics Platform provides a fast path to insights and actions that empower customers to achieve better business outcomes faster.

The changing landscape and dynamic IoT environment require new analytics methodologies, tools, and platforms to achieve better business outcomes faster. Operations managers can make significant improvements in their results by leveraging the proliferation of new data in IoT environments to predict problems early, generate new sources of revenue, and create improved customer experiences.

The white paper details how Vitria’s IoT Analytics Platform provide the answers to these challenges and opportunities via:

  • Faster Analytics based on a unique Unified Analytics Engine that unifies & completes the analytics value chain and dramatically reduces time to value for IoT applications
  • Smarter Actions that integrate with faster analytics to trigger actions that generate value in real-time via alerts, notifications, and other automated workflow
  • Better Outcomes Faster using the self-service and automation capabilities and the dashboards with executive level summary views.

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