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Fast Analytics Over Slow Data

In IoT we will end up dealing with enormous amount of data that has a high degree of variance over speeds, feeds and data cycles.

As we see millions and billions of devices in IoT being connected, each passing moment we see a significant amount of new data that can be used to detect anomalies, predict problems early, mitigate any disruption of service or provide new customer experiences. As a matter of fact it can be the linchpin in the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver timely insights and outcomes.

This paper highlights how fast analytics over any data speed – fast, slow or in between – can help you improve operational performance and monetize your IoT network.

This paper contains several pages of valuable information, including:

  • The value potential of IoT analytics across three major IoT market segments – industrial, enterprise, and consumer
  • Business imperatives where time-to-action is critical
  • A description of the analytics value chain
  • An explanation of fast analytics over fast data versus slow data
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Vitria's advanced analytics solutions empower enterprises and industrial customers to achieve better outcomes faster in their business operations.

The company was founded in 1994 and has a long history of success in streaming analytics, business process management, enterprise application integration, and operational intelligence. Vitria is also a leading player in the rapidly growing IoT (Internet of Things) analytics market.

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