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IoT Analytics presents many unprecedented challenges compared to traditional
enterprise analytics scenarios. Watch the video below for a summary of the
differences and what is needed to capture business value.

Vitria has the answers you need…

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the business world. If you think Big Data was having an impact on business, the adoption of IoT promises to have an even bigger impact. Today businesses struggle to cope with the vast amounts of new data that streams in from all of the devices and things in their network. When this data is combined with huge amounts of historical data, it is challenging to understand what is critical for business decisions.

Forward thinking companies are deriving business value and gaining competitive advantage by transforming this wealth of data into actionable insights.

The challenge is that you need to act quickly on this insight before the value disappears.


How much money would you save if you could accurately predict when equipment is about to break so that you could fix it just before it does? How much would you save if you had some advanced warning that your equipment, manufacturing floor, or power grid was not working correctly or as planned and may be in the process of experiencing a major failure?

How much more money could you make if you could offer your potential customer the perfect product or service at exactly the right moment by combining pieces of data like weather, location and linger data? How would a unique value proposition offered at the right moment change your revenue streams?

Bottom line, IoT Analytics is the key to being able to harvest insight from the vast amount of data that you have coming in every second so that you can benefit from making time-sensitive decisions.

Vitria is uniquely positioned to deliver the powerful yet flexible IoT Analytics platform you are looking for.


Vitria has a long history of developing cutting edge software platforms. Starting with business process management software back in 1994 and continuing with an operational intelligence platform in 2005. In 2010 we introduced the only unified platform to let enterprises discover, analyze and act on insights from live streaming data – in seconds and minutes.

With our new IoT Analytics platform we bring our expertise with analytics, streaming data, and business process automation together so that companies can take advantage of all the data they have streaming in from the things in their network. We have taken advanced analytics to the next level by unifying data ingestion, historical analytics, real-time streaming analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and automated actions. All of this has resulted in significant business outcomes.

Currently we are supporting over 70M IoT devices in a wide variety of IoT use cases and applications. Read more about our Thought Leadership and our IoT Analytics Platform.

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