Vitria’s IoT Analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for IoT provides a fast path to insights and actions that empower you to transform your business operations and applications for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


The platform enables business analysts, operations managers, and other business-centric users to get up and running and get results in minutes, not months.


It includes a unified analytics engine that was designed for the demanding business and technical requirements of the IoT era.


You can quickly deploy applications using the self-service tools and model-drive development environment. The simple four step workflow accelerates time to value for all your IoT Analytics projects.


Rapid Visualization of IoT Analytics

Vitria’s Analytics PaaS for IoT provides a powerful set of visualization and dashboard style capabilities that enable operations executives and managers to make rapid business decisions that maximize business value.


IoT Dashboard PaaS


Powerful Analytics

Vitria’s Analytics PaaS for IoT provides a series of powerful analytics features that enable business analysts to diagnose and discover key patterns and insights in their data and applications.


Diagnostic Analytics PaaS

To learn more about the detailed features and capabilities of our IoT Analytics Platform-as-Service, see the complete data sheet.


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