VIA’s Intelligent Actions & Automation

The Final Key Step to capture Value in IoT Analytics use cases


Timely action is the critical final step in creating value in IoT. Predictive and prescriptive analytics can trigger intelligent actions within VIA’s process automation suite, which supports both fully automated processes and human-guided workflows. It enables intelligent business processes that are analytics-driven, situationally aware, and adaptive.


Key capabilities include:

  • The ability to act instantly using automated actions and processes directly triggered by prescriptive analytics or rules
  • Processes and guided workflows that can be specified rapidly using visual models based on the BPMN standard.
  • “Intelligent processes” that support adaptive process behavior based on continuous situational and contextual awareness, and advanced analytics
  • Integration with enterprise workflow systems, ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems
  • Analytics enablement of BPM with adaptive capability to handle IoT use cases where both complex logic and fast actions are required.