Benefits for Energy

VIA by Vitria improves the monitoring, management, and optimization of the service operations management in real time for energy companies. It enables proactive service response, predictive maintenance, and service quality improvement.


VIA ingests streaming data, at millions of events per second and processes this data in combination with benchmark data in real time. It supports the operationalization of complex machine learning models to automate processes that improve operational efficiency.

  • Eliminate disruptions and service degradation with predictive maintenance and actions to prevent problems before they occur
  • Maintain a secure and resilient grid by detecting and preventing problems in real time
  • Leverage analytics, machine learning, and automated response to increase preparedness and react faster in emergency scenarios
  • Reduce physical inspections with real-time performance data
  • Lower time to diagnose, improve time to respond and increase the first-time fix rate
  • Provide automatic detection and reporting of leaks and automatically dispatch crews

Use Cases

Improve operational performance through insight and analytics that enable a faster response

  • Supply/Demand Optimization

    Balancing supply with demand is critical in delivering high service levels and minimizing brownouts or blackouts. Vitria's platform provides utilities with the visibility into supply and demand in real time. This enables more rapid response to prevent major outages and reduce service level variability.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Using asset data in combination with external data, such as weather, OEM data, and performance benchmarking data provides the analytical foundation for monitoring conditions in real time with situational intelligence. Leverage machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to predict asset life, maintenance needs, and reduce needed inspections.

  • Accelerate Incident Response

    Reduce human involvement in diagnosing and accelerating response to service incidents through machine learning, predictive analytics and the ability to automate the next best action such as crew dispatch.

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