The network is essential- service providers enable growth

  • More employees are working from mobile devices.
  • More businesses are supporting larger numbers of remote workers.
  • Analysts estimate that the average enterprise uses over 1900 different cloud services.
  • An increasing number of highly specialized SaaS apps are created for every department – apps that are constantly changing.


Businesses rely on in house or outsourced network operators to ensure predictable and reliable availability of essential network services.

The Network Operators Challenge: Incident Lifecycle Management

Watching monitors and manually triaging incidents takes too long and doesn’t always result in service restoration. Relying on human intelligence and ‘eyes on glass’ monitoring alone will negatively impact NPS (net promoter scores) and other service level indicators like MTTR (mean time to repair) and TTNS (time to new service). Stressing budgets by adding staff doesn’t always improve service. What’s next?

  • Augment monitoring with OBSERVABILITY
  • Automate response and remediation with EXPLAINABLE AI
  • Prioritize incidents impacting the largest customer populations



How a Leading Network Operator Used VIA AIOps to Reduce Service Impacting Incidents

VIA AIOps – Data Driving Actions

  • Built on an open core foundation – scales to billions of analyzed data points.
  • Observability and real time analytics contextualize and correlate ingested data.
  • Uncovers the how and why of system behavior to enable active response.
  • Contextualize problems to identify customer impact.
  • VIA BEACONS eliminate signal overload – illuminating impactful signals.
  • Highly visual, intuitive interface enables forensic analysis and what-if analysis.


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