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Been looking for better order management software ?  Vitria’s Operational Intelligence Platform is the innovative order process management solution you need.

Despite significant investments in Enterprise Systems like ERP, most companies still struggle to stay on top of critical sales and purchase order process. These complex processes are best managed by exception with real-time operational analytics, not by reacting and fire fighting.


Order Processing Challenges


Order Management Software

Sales orders and purchase orders involve not only multiple parties, but a variety of internal and external systems to complete the end to end process. Maintaining a continuous view of what’s actually happening & where things are off track seems almost impossible.

ERP systems are fine for keeping the books, but their internally-focused architectures aren’t designed to work with real-world order processes. Latency between actual
activity and management decision making leads to missed opportunity and excessive costs.


Vitria’s Order Management Software Solution


Order Management Software


Vitria’s comprehensive Operational Intelligence Platform includes a unifi ed set of tools to monitor, manage, and implement preemptive actions to drive better order
management. It can connect to and blend information from multiple systems and external sources into an order management Command Center.

Predictive & prescriptive analytics in the platform leverage historical and real-time data to recommend actions to manage exceptions and identify opportunities for management decision.


How You Benefit

Vitria’s Platform delivers the following benefits for Sr. Executives and Operations Managers focused on complex order processing

  • A comprehensive view of order life-cycle that is constantly updating based on connected systems and external sources
  • Process exceptions are addressed faster by leveraging sophisticated analytic techniques in the execution window
  • Management attention focuses on current and projected issues, minimizing exceptions and optimizing service levels and costs


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