Real-time Trade Reconciliation

For investment and asset management firms and custodians that perform trade clearing, there is a need for real-time visibility into the end-to-end trade reconciliation process. Reconciliations are a key risk control and investment managers and custodians need real-time visibility to reduce their exposure to risk. It is often difficult to match and reconcile trades from different systems which results in duplicated or missed trades.

With greater regulation and compliance demands, there is a need for increased transparency and the ability to continuously monitor the progress of these reconciliation processes so that exceptions can be immediately flagged and the right individuals alerted to intervene and mitigate the risk. Vitria OI can continuously monitor the progress of these reconciliation processes against established risk indicators so that teams can be immediately alerted to issues.

Unstructured data in the form of stock feeds, twitter feeds, and blogs can impact trades. This data is used by algorithmic traders to produce some alpha from the news. Vitria OI can also help analyze data from these sources to help traders make far more informed trade decisions in real-time.

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