Real-Time Customer Experience Management

Financial services firms are constantly looking for ways to deliver a much more personalized experience, especially to their high-value customers and accounts, in real-time. Some financial services firms have set up special investigations teams to monitor the service levels that these important customers receive. With Vitria OI, they can easily configure KPIs and alerts to proactively monitor individual experience and ensure that group-based service level agreements are being met. They can automatically kick off corrective processes when established thresholds are met or exceeded. With Vitria OI, these teams have real-time access to information on how individual customers experience a myriad of products and services. They can quickly prioritize responses to those customers that are most likely to churn and provide them with a superior customer experience so as to entice them to stay. Vitria OI also helps financial services firms capitalize on opportunities to present relevant offers and information to their customers in real-time – for instance, more targeted consumer product offerings, personalized transaction services, and optimized fraud prevention and credit risk alerts.

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