Common Operating Picture

Government organizations and agencies are challenged with aggregating multiple sources of data and analyzing that data to discern and alert other agencies, and sometimes, the general public, of impending events in time to take action. They must pull together multiple different reports, reporting systems and historical databases before recommending an action.

Operational Intelligence enables inter-agency coordination to be facilitated with greater visibility into data and insight into patterns of events, as they occur in real-time, and empower oversight agencies to disseminate immediately actionable intelligence to first responders in real time.

Vitria Operational Intelligence presents a Common Operating Picture that provides real-time visibility and continuous insight into events that affect the security or the effectiveness of government operations and services. Vitria Operational Intelligence presents decision makers with live, role-based dashboards that correlate and overlay key analytic results, in real-time, and present them as a single, unified Common Operating Picture. Furthermore, Vitria’s Live Dashboards give decision makers the drill down capabilities required to focus on, identify and act upon risks and relationships that might not otherwise be apparent.