Real-time One-to-One Marketing

Real-Time, One-To-One Marketing

Marketing teams for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase the relevance of the offers that they provide their customers. Real-time event-based marketing is a new way of engaging in 1:1 product marketing based on where specific customers have been, where they are, and where they are going. It relies on real-time analytics so as to be able to deliver immediate and relevant marketing offers, resulting in a win-win for both CSPs and their customers.

For instance, one mobile operator uses Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) to determine when a customer is about to leave the U.K. to France on the Eurostar. By correlating customer movements over time along the set of cell sites that serve the Eurostar route, and by masking out other local train services along the same route, this mobile operator is able to predict which customers are about to leave the country and can then send them a targeted marketing offer – before they reach their destination and turn off data roaming.

Real Time Detection of Customers for One-to-One Marketing Offers

CSPs can easily profile and categorize their customers based on various other attributes, including their location, the devices that they use, the apps that they consume, and their peak usage times. By being able to predict customer behavior in real-time using Vitria OI, marketers are better equipped to personalize offers and provide them with genuinely useful information, at the time that it is most relevant to them. For instance, they can easily track which applications are the most interesting to their customers, when they use them the most, and then use that contextual information to generate personalized offers that match their interests and profiles at the right time.

The growing number of pre-paid mobile users, especially in developing markets, previously posed a challenge to marketers as this meant that they had very little data on these customers by which they could upsell or cross-sell them. With Vitria OI, a platform that combines capabilities for streaming analytics and action, a mobile operator can trigger personalized offers that might help prevent a prepaid customer from churning. For instance, Vitria OI can correlate location information with usage data and text them a coupon when they are in close proximity to a retail store in the hope that it will encourage them to refill their account and remain a customer.

CSPs are also partnering with retailers, bill board operators, sports venues and other event producers using a fairly straight-forward revenue share model. By capitalizing on their ability to readily access and act on a customer’s profile and real-time location data, they can serve up personalized offers to customers on behalf of their partners. For instance, by correlating customer, device, demographic and location-based data in real-time, a mobile operator can determine when a customer is close to a retail partner’s store and then text the customer discount coupons for use in that store.

Vitria OI provides CSPs with a way to tap in to live streams of data from a wide variety of sources and then correlate, analyze and derive insight that can be immediately acted upon. It helps CSPs engage in more personalized 1:1 marketing, improve their customers’ experience, gain better situational awareness around their network operations, and detect and prevent fraud – in real time. Once deployed, Vitria OI’s unified streaming analytics and action platform provides CSPs with continuous, real-time operational intelligence that benefits a wide variety of initiatives including those related to marketing, monetization, network, customer care and security programs.