Real-time Customer Experience Monitoring

Real-Time Customer Experience Monitoring

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly looking for ways to deliver a much more personalized experience, especially to their VIP customers and high-value corporate accounts, in real-time. Some CSPs have set up special investigations teams to monitor the service levels that these important customers receive. For instance, is a mobile VIP customer receiving 3G coverage when 4G is available? Is cellular equipment about to fail in a highly sensitive area, such as an airport executive lounge? How can a CSP proactively alert specific customers to the impact of a potential service outage or network congestion and even trigger real-time offers to prevent them from churning?

Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) can correlate cellular network events, equipment data, and customer data to present customer care managers with a 360° view of the experience of their VIP customers in real-time. It can automatically notify them when events such as dropped calls affect their VIP customers. They can then drill into when and where these problems occurred, and determine whether these customers experience repeated failures.

Monitor VIP customer experience in real-time with Vitria OI

The results can reflect the experience of a single customer, or be rolled up into VIP groups or high-value accounts. They can easily configure KPIs and alerts to proactively monitor individual experience and ensure that group-based service level agreements are being met. They can automatically kick off corrective processes when established thresholds are met or exceeded. With Vitria OI, these teams have real-time access to information on how individual customers experience services across a myriad of applications, devices and networks. They can quickly prioritize responses to those that are most likely to churn and focus on providing them with a superior customer experience so as to entice them to remain a customer.

Vitria OI provides CSPs with a way to tap in to live streams of data from a wide variety of sources and then correlate, analyze and derive insight that can be immediately acted upon. It helps CSPs improve their customers’ experience, engage in more personalized 1:1 marketing, gain better situational awareness around their network operations, and detect and prevent fraud – in real time. Once deployed, Vitria OI’s unified streaming analytics and action platform provides CSPs with continuous, real-time operational intelligence that benefits a wide variety of initiatives including those related to marketing, monetization, network, customer care and security programs.