Real-Time Billing Analytics

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are looking to use a familiar event source—billing data—in innovative ways to improve customer service and differentiate their products.

CSPs have typically managed their billing processes in a batch-oriented manner. However, they are beginning to recognize the value of analyzing billing data in real-time to provide their customers with the ability to dynamically manage their accounts and to entice them with relevant real-time offers based on their account usage.

For example, real-time billing analytics enables CSPs to launch products such as joint accounts, where a single account owner manages the account on behalf of several members. Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) can provide account owners with the ability to monitor up-to-the minute usage information. It can prompt them when one of their account members is close to their account limit and provide them with the opportunity to top up. Similar dynamic account monitoring capabilities can be used to make real-time offers based on mobile broadband usage. Real-time offers can be made based on usage over the last billing period or over longer periods, providing customers with offers for new products, top-ups and dynamically reduced tariffs based on usage.

Vitria OI provides CSPs with an easy way to tap in to live streams of data from a wide variety of sources and then correlate, analyze and derive insight that can be immediately acted upon. It helps CSPs engage with their customers in innovative ways using the real-time insight that they glean, at the time that it is most relevant to them. Once deployed, Vitria OI’s unified streaming analytics and action platform provides CSPs with continuous, real-time operational intelligence that benefits a wide variety of initiatives including those related to marketing, monetization, customer care, network and security programs.