M2M Monetization

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are looking for ways to generate new revenue streams to supplement flat revenues from traditional products and one of the most promising areas for innovation is in machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

With smart meter deployment accelerating in the utilities industry, smart meter reading is one of the key application areas for M2M. There are also opportunities for CSPs in mHealth, electronic payments, connected auto telematics, vending and enterprise asset management.

While the application areas for M2M are diverse, all M2M applications share a common set of core requirements:

1) The ability to collect large volumes of data from sensor-equipped devices
2) The ability to transmit the selected data over the network
3) Continuous, real-time assessment of the data
4) The ability to immediately respond to the insights derived from the data

Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) provides precisely this set of capabilities. Vitria OI allows a CSP to deploy multiple M2M initiatives on the same platform without the need to purchase multiple point-solutions.

Vitria OI provides CSPs with a way to tap in to live streams of data from a wide variety of sources and then correlate, analyze and derive insights that can be immediately acted upon. It provides CSPs with real-time insight that can help deliver new revenue streams. Once deployed, Vitria OI’s unified streaming analytics and action platform provides CSPs with continuous, real-time operational intelligence that benefits a wide variety of initiatives including those related to monetization, marketing, network, customer care and security programs.