Streaming Analytics for CSPs – Why it’s Important

CSPs manage increasingly complex networks that consist of thousands of cell sites that handle billions of messages every day. They are tasked with delivering an increasingly complex set of services to millions of demanding customers. One of their biggest challenges lies in being able to collect, correlate and analyze this streaming Big Data in real-time so as to be able to proactively respond to situations that might present a revenue opportunity or impact a customer’s experience. Traditional business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing approaches that rely on persisting data and bulk analysis introduces far too much latency to be able to deliver insights in a timely manner.

Introducing Vitria OI for Streaming Analytics

Vitria OI helps CSPs capture and analyze customer interactions across the network in real-time. It combines and correlates customer profile, CRM, location, network, and usage data to create a 360° subscriber-centric view of the information. It puts CSPs in a better position to identify and act on issues and trends that might impact a customer’s experience, ideally before the customer becomes aware of them. It also helps CSPs capitalize on opportunities to present relevant offers to their customers in real-time, thereby increasing revenues

By correlating and analyzing streams of data, Vitria OI provides CSPs with continuous, real-time operational intelligence that puts them in a better position to achieve the following:

  1. Optimize network operations
  2. Improve customer experience
  3. Engage in real-time 1:1 marketing 
  4. Proactively detect and prevent fraud
  5. Capitalize on real-time billing analytics
  6. Monetize M2M initiatives


How CSPs Can Benefits from Vitria OI for Streaming Analytics

 Read how CSPs can gain real-time situational awareness using Vitria OI