Icon-Foundation_H150Elastic Architecture

Underlying the VIA IoT Analytics Platform are the most innovative technologies available for supporting elastic, scalable IoT Analytics, including Hadoop’s HDFS for storing massive amounts of structured, time-series, and unstructured data; Spark and Spark Streaming for scalable processing; and Kafka for scalable ingestion.


Unified Enterprise-class Foundation

Gartner estimates that 60% of Big Data projects fail to meet their objectives, mostly due to the immaturity of the open-source technologies, the deep and specialized skill sets required, and the complexity of integrating multiple stacks. Vitria’s VIA does all this integration, removing the cost, complexity, and risk. On top of this integrated foundation, Vitria has added enterprise-class capabilities to ensure a robust environment to build, manage, and secure even the most mission-critical IoT applications.


Holistic Solution Lifecycle Management

An Advanced Analytics Solution involves multiple analytic, integration, and processing models that utilize a number of processing engines and technologies. Within VIA, a “Solution” is a unifying concept and holds all the models needed to solve an IoT analytics use case. VIA provides Holistic Lifecycle Management of a Solution with the following benefits.

  • All modeling and development artifacts for a Solution are managed and maintained in a Model Repository, ensuring Solution integrity and encouraging model reuse for faster and better development.
  • A Solution can be deployed with a single click – ensuring deployment integrity.
  • A Solution is monitored and administered as a single running application – ensuring operational integrity and robustness.
  • A Solution can be exported and imported between environments to support a Dev/Ops methodology based on best practices.
  • A Solution itself is a first class module that can be reused and shared, fostering greater productivity and faster innovation.

Holistic Solution Lifecycle Management significantly improves the ease of solution development, accelerates time to solution, and improves the integrity of running solutions. It is foundational for a solution development methodology based on rapid iterations and fast innovation.


Future Proof

Vitria is constantly incorporating and integrating new versions of foundational components seamlessly and transparently, so that your solution works better and faster. Therefore, your IoT investments are no longer locked-in to yesterday’s state of technology, but instead can leverage the rapid pace of innovation occurring in foundational technologies and the open source community.