Fast Data Ingestion & Integration


VIA’s data ingestion and integration tools are designed for the volume and velocity of IoT data, easily handling millions of events per second. These tools enable the integration of the wide variety of data required to provide the context and situational intelligence for meaningful insight. Data supported includes:

  • IoT data from sensors, devices, and other telemetry data
  • Traditional Enterprise Data from systems like CRM and ERP
  • Cloud and Public Data sources such as weather or traffic
  • Partner data using commerce standards like EDI and XML
  • Business Process data from BPMS, Workflow, and Work Management systems

The data integration tools include capabilities for both streaming and batch data ingestion, native protocols to support Cloud computing and Enterprise standards, connectors to Big Data and Enterprise systems, and parsers and translators for different data formats and vocabularies. A large set of pre-packaged connectors and adaptors are available, and a Connector SDK supports the crafting of custom connectors and integrations to practically any data source or system.

Even the most complex IoT data integrations are performed in VIA in a scalable and reliable way to set the stage for further refinement and analysis in the analytics pipeline.