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Journey Towards Digital Operations Excellence

Digital Operations will draw from unprecedented connectivity, abundance of data, artificial intelligence and automation to drive leaner and customer-centric processes, while enabling new monetization opportunities. In order to break the inertia faced by most organizations, VIA offers a suite of solutions to guide customers in their journey towards Digital Operations excellence.

New Technologies are Redefining Operating Models
Stage 1

Visualize live, break the siloes.

Action without knowledge leads to failure.

VIA Real-Time Operational Visibility solutions monitor the health and performance of your services, equipment and processes. This allows your organization to correlate operational performance with business indicators to obtain live contextualized insights for faster action and improved traceability.

Stage 2

Find problems sooner.

Late detection equals higher costs and worse experience.

VIA Advanced Anomaly Detection solutions use AI and computation of multi-dimensional baselines to detect anomalous behaviors from equipment and processes in order to raise meaningful alerts sooner, which limits false positives and improves reliability.

Stage 3

Ensure that change is for the better.

Change is the new constant, but can be disruptive.

VIA Dynamic Populations solutions automatically identify operational changes (i.e. maintenances, updates, new equipment, etc.) and evaluate their performance using a pre/post change comparison. This makes it possible to trace back problems’ root causes to specific changes and evaluate performance of any change activity.

Stage 4

Solve the right problems and automate their resolution.

Treating the symptoms will not cure the cause.

VIA Incident Life-Cycle Automation solutions autonomously discover anomalies correlated to the same incident and identify their impact for better prioritization and diagnosis. Once an incident has been classified, automation procedures are orchestrated to limit its effect and to reduce overall resolution time.

Stage 5

Prevent problems from occurring.

An incident is still impactful, even if resolved quickly.

VIA Dynamic Failure Prediction actively monitors operational anomalies to predict the risk for an equipment or process failure. Automated remediation procedures are triggered, and work orders are updated for proactive maintenances.

Why VIA for Digital Operations?

For Business

  • Better Reliability – avoid service and production disruption.

  • Better Efficiency – drastically reduce incident resolution time and other damages.

  • Better Experiences – improve quality and avoid customer complaints.

  • Lower OPEX – let the machines tackle the complexity and find interlaced problems.

  • New Revenues – offer new maintenance services to monetize.

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For Developers

  • Faster – digital operations solutions developed and deployed in days, not months.

  • Simpler – model-driven development toolset to simplify the most complex digital technologies.

  • Complete – end-to-end solution, from data collection to process automation.

  • Extensible – start with a single data stream, experiment and expand easily.

  • Scalable – proven real-time and at scale big data technology foundation.

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Simpler & Faster with VIA

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