VIA AIOps is a Next Generation AIOps Application

Mega providers continually vie for customers. Pricing and plan incentives have limited impact on picking up new customers, giving telcos a mandate to reduce churn and create loyalty through service enhancements. VIA’s next generation AIOps application expands analytics and automation beyond IT infrastructure and correlates signals coming from multiple silos in the service delivery infrastructure. Autonomous determination of root cause of a service impacting issue is a game changer. VIA accelerates remediation and provides the insight required to prevent an issue from occurring in the future.

VIA AIOps provides cable providers with AI and automation to:

  • Detect, triage and mitigate customer impact associated with identified anomalous behavior.
  • Identify root cause, key symptoms and effected population for a service failure.
  • Detect, triage and mitigate negative service impact caused by a change management event.
  • Automate remedial actions to correct an isolated customer impacting issue.
  • Detect and act on a predicted service failure prior to impact.
  • VIA deploys in days and clients achieve ROI in months.

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