VIA AIOps is a Next Generation AIOps Application

Yesterday’s manager of managers and early AIOps products provided limited visibility and analytics to enable staff productivity. VIA is a next generation AIOps application with amplified visibility to the total ecosystem with analytics enabling automated action to remediate a failure and prevent it from happening in the future.

VIA provides the perfect balance of analytics and automation critical to incident remediation. Cable operators will be able to know about a service problem before the customer and will know which customers will be impacted by anomalous behavior. Preventing service problems is more valuable to the customer than even rapid remediation.

VIA AIOps combines complete ecosystem observability, explainable AI to provide customers with service experience assurance.

VIA AIOps provides cable operators with AI and automation to:

  • Detect, triage and mitigate customer impact associated with identified anomalous behavior
  • Identify root cause, key symptoms and effected population for a service failure
  • Detect, triage and mitigate negative service impact caused by a change management event
  • Automate remedial actions to correct an isolated customer impacting issue
  • Detect and act on a predicted customer – affecting service issues prior to impact
    VIA deploys in days and clients achieve ROI in months
  • VIA deploys in days and clients achieve ROI in months

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