Vitria Executive Describes the Critical Framework for Digital Operations

Organizations seeking to leverage the latest technologies to digitize their business processes must carefully consider how to integrate operational processes all the way from the back end to the front end, says Chris Menier, Vice President and Transformation Strategist for Vitria, in an audio interview for journalists.

“For established companies — the non-digital natives — there is a degree of friction that is holding them back from pursuing real transformation initiatives. Part of the problem is a general resistance to change. But there are also the additional challenges of legacy thinking, systems and processes. All of which makes it difficult to change an organization’s cultural DNA,” explains Menier.

Given the opposition that organizations must deal with it is important to recognize that this is not a simple switch.

Frameworks Critical in Setting Proper Perspective

Many large organizations have made the mistake of rushing too quickly in an effort to capture the benefits of transformation. This rarely works, and most are better off developing plans for structural change that are sustainable over the long run. That is why a carefully considered strategic framework is essential.

Customer Experience as a Smart Investment

The best way to get cross disciplinary groups focused on common, global objectives is to focus on the customer.

“Large organizations are finally starting to embrace the customer experience and a service-oriented focus, and this ultimately creates a shared vocabulary that cuts across the different segments throughout the enterprise,” explains Menier.

To listen to the full podcast interview with Vitria’s Chris Menier click here.

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