5G: The New Reality
The history of computer technology is littered with products and concepts that promised much but delivered little. Want proof? Just Google “technology failures” and you’ll find plenty. For 5G networking, success isn’t in question. It will be…
Telecoms: Make SLAs Your Best Sales Rep
Just as wireless and mobile communications redefined traditional networking, so are the Internet of Things and IoT analytics redefining the traditional concept of the service level agreement, or SLA. This comes at a time when the telecom…
Network Managers:
Time to Escape From Alarm-Based Diagnostics
Life isn’t easy these days for telecom companies, who are facing the fast-growing need for new investment, in 5G and IoT technologies, in core fiber and in updating older equipment in general. As the Boston Consulting Group…
Mobile Providers: Are Smart Cities Your Next Big Customer
For mobile WiFi providers, the old real estate adage of Location, location, location is taking on new meaning with the advent of location-based services. Thanks to the growing availability of device GPS and the ubiquity of mobile…
Telecom Operators:
Behold The New Customer-Service Network Stack
You’ve come a long way since rotary phones and 10-cent pay phones ruled the telecom infrastructure. You’ve been through mergers, breakups and other industry traumas; through difficult migrations from analog to digital technology; and through the specter…