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by | Dec 2, 2020 | 1 comment

Vitria was recently the guest of Joel Beasley, the founder and moderator of the popular podcast series Modern CTO. We shared with Joel our experiences with customers to illustrate how our AIOps solution is changing the conversation about how to protect and improve the customer experience.

In this short podcast, we go deep on the role of real time analytics and autonomous operations in solving problems before they impact the customer.

When we think of analytics we think of data and in Operations, there is no shortage of data – at its worst, we call it noise and at its best, we call it insight. Not all the data is relevant to the customer’s experience. Functional teams monitor everything, but VIA AIOps uses real time analytics, AI and ML to create an operational baseline of normal and focus on the anomalies that impact the customer experience. Performance Monitoring tools in functional silos attack the data from the bottom up, causing lots of noise and wasted energy. VIA takes a top-down approach – focusing on which anomalies are impacting the customer experience – then automates the fix or puts the right insights with the right person to accelerate remediation.

Joel quizzes me on our customers – who uses AIOps, who pays for it, and whether one sector needs it more than others. Fact is, modern enterprises see the value – telcos, cable operators, banks, and healthcare – and understand the value of improving service or application performance whether the customer is a patient, a subscriber, or an investor. Finally, we talked about how quickly we can operationalize VIA across the extended ecosystem based on how VIA integrates real-time data and historical data to train the models and provide what-if scenarios. In short, we build trust with the operational teams by showing them exactly what VIA will do.

Tune in to the Modern CTO podcast and listen in on my conversation with Joel Beasley. Then schedule some time with me and the VIA team to see what a difference the VIA AIOps product can make for your customers.


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