5G and the Future of IOT

The arrival in 2019 of 5G wireless wide-area networking technology promises to leave an indelible mark on any industry that stands to gain from the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), and will place network service providers in an ideal position to serve this market, says Chris Menier, Vice President and Transformation Strategist at Vitria, in an audio interview for journalist. “We’ve been talking about 5G for a bit of time now. And we have been talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) for an even longer period of time. What we are going to see now, in dramatic fashion, is what happens when these two technologies come together,’ according to Menier.

5G NSPs Now Front and Center in the IoT Game

Network service providers (NSPs) that provide 5G services will be in an entirely new position to add value and generate important new streams of revenue by blurring the lines of distinction between public and private data networking environments at both the operational technology and information technology levels. As a result, NSPs now have a major role to play in bringing IoT applications to market. “For a number of years now there has been this concern among many NSPs about becoming a dumb pipe provider. NSPs that are involved with 5G are no longer just providers of connectivity with low level services over the top. They now have an opportunity to build important new business-to-business relationships that leverage the capacity and intelligence enabled by 5G to offer a broad range of sophisticated managed IoT services,” says Menier. “Unlike other overly hyped technologies that have made headlines before, we are already seeing some very impressive use cases emerge — especially in the IoT space — that are moving from the drawing board, through the labs, and now finally to the market very quickly. What I can tell you is that 5G is going to be one of the technologies that really accelerates the value that industry can derive from its IoT investments,” says Menier.

To listen to the full podcast interview with Vitria’s Chris Menier click here.

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