Advanced Analytics for Manufacturing Video

Vitria’s Advanced Analytics platform for IoT gives manufacturers like you the ability to drive better business outcomes by leveraging descriptive, diagnostic, streaming, predictive and prescriptive analytics to give you necessary real-time insights to take timely actions.

You can use our Advanced Analytics platform to do asset management, predictive maintenance, assembly line optimization and more.

Watch this video to see how the Vitria Advanced Analytics Platform works to provide you a complete picture “right now”.


Some of the things you will see in the Advanced Analytics for Manufacturing video are:


  • How the Vitria Advanced Analytics platform for IoT can provide a command center for critical machines and equipment.
  • How real-time analytics allows you to compare current performance based on your immediate data with your predictions and historical data.
  • How thresholds work to inform you when your current predictions are deviating from your baseline.
  • How combining real-time data with historical and predictive analytics work together to allow you to react faster to changing conditions across the manufacturing process.


Another facet of the Vitria Advanced Analytics platform for IoT is the ability to model patterns as they evolve. And see these patterns visually in a dashboard via real time reporting metrics.

It doesn’t stop there!  When combined with notifications and alarms, the system will alert repair personnel and floor managers when an undesirable pattern is seen that could be indicative of an imminent failure or production slow down.


But wait!  There is more!

  • Here are some more things you will see are possible using the Vitria IoT Analytics Platform.  Using advanced analytics for manufacturing you can:
  • Leverage the error detail records and knowledge base information to understand complex problems better.
  • Use information like field tech bulletins and service repair information that is contextually relevant to errors and alerts
  • Focus in on the errors that occur the most often and drill down to see where they are occurring and the details around those errors.
  • Drill into a specific error to see if that error is occurring at other locations or on other equipment.
  • Recognize the conditions and patterns which lead to unplanned downtime,
  • Obtain more complete insight into downtime metrics as well as defect analysis.
  • Create “watch lists” of equipment or assets that you want to pay special attention to.
  • See how watch lists allow you to watch specific assets more closely, monitor thresholds, errors and patterns, and quickly be alerted to evolving conditions that correlate with asset watch lists.
  • Manage the full lifecycle of an event.
  • Use geo-location and truck based parts inventory to identify the nearest service person with the appropriate part on board their truck.
  • Speed up the entire process of issue resolution


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