Analytics is the Key to Unlocking the Value of IoT

In the last decade, millions of devices embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity enable objects to connect and exchange more data than ever before.

These interconnected devices, the internet of things (IoT), are providing businesses with new ways to monitor and manage service, improve on the customer experience and transform operations.

Widespread adoption of IoT analytics is

  • lowering operating costs,
  • increasing productivity
  • accelerating market expansion
  • increasing innovation

VIA Analytics Platform: the Ideal Platform for IoT
Simplify the Complexities of Analyzing IoT in Real Time

  • Scales to ingest massive volumes of data streaming in real-time from IoT devices and networks
  • Correlates IoT data across silos of customer, product, and enterprise data
  • Provides rich visualization of IoT data in context
  • Exposes insights and predictions required to act in real time
  • Features a visual, low-code development environment that accelerates the time to build IoT analytic solutions.
  • Machine learning tools generate predictive models and automate fast responses to opportunities and threats
  • Prescribes next actions

Operational Excellence

No two IoT implementations are exactly the same. What they have in common is the IoT network and the imperative to maintain network health and performance.

The VIA Digital Operations Suite and the VIA Analytics Platform ensures “operational excellence” through these advanced capabilities:

  • Monitor:  Real time visibility into business services, the IoT network and all the “things”
  • Detect: Quickly identify anomalous behavior by using AI and advanced analytics
  • Diagnose: Automated and guided root cause analysis.
  • Prioritize: Classify and prioritize incidents based on severity and impact used to prescribe a course of action
  • Automate: Suggest automated actions to remediate and resolve anomalies and incidents
  • Predict: Uses machine learned patters to isolate failures and trigger mitigations providing proactive preventative maintenance


Vitria customers in manufacturing, telco and energy use VIA Analytics to analyze faster, act quicker, and predict better as their IoT landscapes grow.

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