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Business environments are getting more complex and dynamic. VIA AIOps tames the storm of event data coming from multiple sources, multiple vendors across the enterprise. VIA helps Ops teams to visualize the signals that indicate a single problem, identify the probable root cause with the speed and accuracy humans could never match. When your business relies on operations, operations turn to VIA by Vitria.

Growing businesses are challenged by:

  • Constant change
  • Noisy assets causing confusion
  • Aging assets replaced by new ones
  • Innovation bringing new technology
  • Interdependent enterprise wide workflows

VIA AIOps is a low code, scalable, flexible and configurable analytics solution providing your business the ability to:

  • Easily handle streaming or batch data from disparate devices
  • Deploy machine learning and augmented intelligence using VIAs drag and drop libraries
  • Discover insights using VIAs real time dashboards and custom reports
  • Automate processes and workflows like anomaly detection, incident lifecycle automation, dynamic change management, dynamic failure prediction


VIA AIOps Platform invokes automated actions and minimizes the need for error prone human intervention by invoking a library of Machine Learning algorithms and rules.

  • New algorithms for key symptom and root cause analysis featuring ‘what if’ analysis for actions and automations
  • Machine learned incident configuration and tuning
  • Ability to PREDICT problems enabling you to ACT smarter and faster

VIA AIOps Platform Advantages

  • Real time operational visibility of end-to-end processes
  • Proactive problem prevention through predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Automatic restorative response where feasible and rapid intervention using notification where automation is not yet feasible
  • Automated closed loop actions

INGEST – high volumes of disparate data across enterprise silos

The volume and speed of data generated by digital businesses require a level of scalability and elasticity that goes well beyond traditional enterprise data systems. VIA’s FAST Data Ingestion provides a rich set of tools for accessing, parsing, transforming and integrating all types of data – streaming and batch, enterprise and big data, structured and unstructured.

Data Sources include:

  • Rawlogs
  • Time series metrics
  • Asynchronous events
  • Data from deployed APM, ITIM, ITSM and EMS/NMS solutions


VIA enables real-time and historical, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Businesses act faster and smarter when their analytics platform provides contextual awareness and situational intelligence.

VIA AIOps simplifies the complex.

  • Causal Analysis & Alarm Noise Reduction: Correlates signals from a variety of sources across your IT landscape to identify root cause while eliminating distracting noise
  • Change Management Awareness: Auto-detection of change management events, such as element configuration updates (commits), firmware updates and provisioning changes, allows VIA to correlate directly to service health. No human intervention required, eliminating  the reliance on explicit tickets.
  • Auto-configuration of Incidents:  VIA automatically monitors, configures and tune hundreds of thousands – even millions – of incident settings based on metric behavior, impact and hierarchy.

Predictive and prescriptive analytics
VIA’s machine learning models, “trained” on structured and unstructured data, ensure that predictions and indicators are reliable – eliminating false positives, symptomatic (noncausal) indicators and duplicates.

While all eyes are on the future, there is a lot to be learned from historical analytics. VIA provides:

  • KPIs and baselines
  • Auto-regression and time-series analysis
  • Pattern detection and trend analysis

VIA Accelerates your Analytics Pipeline

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