Vitria Analytics Data Flow (ADF) Demo

Developing Analytics Applications for IoT is complex. There is a wide variety of data that is streaming in constantly that needs to be put in context in real-time so that potential problems or opportunities can be acted on. Big Data tools and technologies are maturing, but they are still generally difficult to use and often require arcane technical expertise.

Vitria’s Analytics Data Flow (ADF) visual development environment empowers developers and business analysts to rapidly create analytics-based solutions using visual models requiring little or no coding. This visual modeling environment enables the rapid creation of IoT Analytics solutions in days, not months.

The Analytics Flow Designer within ADF provides powerful modeling capabilities based on the core concept of “analytic pipelines” consisting of multiple steps of analytic processing, where each step yields increasing analytic insight. ADF accelerates solution development via a rich “drag and drop” library of reusable building blocks.

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