Vitria VIA for Real-time Process Monitoring

Vitria OI for real-time business process management - business caseSuccessful business operations and satisfied customer interaction depend on processes; specifically on intelligent, measurable processes which can be improved, personalized and extended over time.

Increasingly these processes are automated – often causing a loss of visibility into what is taking place.

In our data driven economy, it is critical to personalize customer-facing processes using data and analytics to optimize and monitor process execution based on the latest situational and contextual and information.


Current limits on real-time business process visibility and a lack of real-time insight into business operations create challenges such as:

  • Reporting tools aren’t good at monitoring or providing visibility on real-time processes
  • Current tools are not designed to perform meaningful analytics on streaming data or tracking of processes


Learn about a best-practice approach to implementing a real-time analytics pipeline to make it possible to deliver results quickly and reliably for an infinite variety of analytics monitoring use cases.

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