KPI Builder App

KPI Builder App: Create & Continuously Monitor Your Organization’s KPIs

Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) must be provided to decision-makers quickly and accurately. Executives require the ability to consistently and continuously track KPIs in real-time. The ultimate solution will provide every decision-maker and contributor with the real-time insight required to measure organizational performance and make decisions based on complete situational analysis. In order to achieve these goals, and to ensure closed-loop optimization, decision-makers must get the appropriate role-based information at the right time.

KPI Builder App is an OI App that provides:

  • Real-time and continuous monitoring of KPIs
  • Instant business insights from KPIs
  • Ability to easily share insights with team members
  • Ability to make informed decisions with real-time alerts & notifications
  • One-click drill-down capability into data to gain actionable insights
  • No IT assembly
  • Reusability (for multiple OI solutions)

Operational Intelligence Apps (OI Apps) are lightweight, easily configured Web applications that deliver the real-time business insights enabled by Operational Intelligence. OI Apps deliver out-of-the-box insights into Big Data, events and business processes, to drive rapid, informed decisions and actions on critical issues, such as KPIs, business process detection and customer experience. Easy enough for business users, OI Apps eliminate the need for time-consuming IT development work, by packaging real-time analytics functionality within intuitive and lightweight applications.

Vitria’s KPI Builder App is an OI App that enables business users of all levels to build, monitor and gain insights into their organization’s KPIs in mere minutes, share these insights and take informed action.