Business Benefits

Vitria’s Operational Intelligence (OI) platform enables you to rapidly sense and respond to changing business conditions through Faster Analytics, Smarter Actions, and Better Outcomes Faster.

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    Faster Analytics
    Faster and unified analytics via Temporal Analytics Engine over all data types and cycles.
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    Smarter Actions
    Smarter Actions enable better outcomes by combining prescriptive analytics with intelligent actions.
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    Better Outcomes Faster
    Self-service and automation capabilities empower teams to accelerate time-to-value. and create analytics solutions in minutes vs. months.

Platform Capabilities

The platform has a comprehensive set of unified capabilities for OI applications. It includes a powerful set of self-service tools and a unique Temporal Analytics Engine for accelerating OI application development. And the open design enables you to leverage your existing tools to get better business outcomes faster.

Key Capabilities

  • Streaming Ingestion leverages adapters and connectors to deliver fast data ingestion.
  • Data Warehouse/Data Lake accesses your historical data stored in various warehouses and databases.
  • Temporal Analytics Engine provides faster analytics in real-time by unifying across all types of analytics (i.e., streaming, historical, predictive, and prescriptive) to enable smarter actions and business outcomes.
  • Command Center provides a powerful set of self-service tools and dashboards with comprehensive Business Value Indicators.

Temporal Analytics Engine

The Temporal Analytics Engine provides faster analytics in real-time by unifying across all types of analytics (i.e., streaming, historical, predictive, and prescriptive) to enable smarter actions and business outcomes.

  • Temporal analytics provides a panoramic view for the fastest and best possible basis for smarter actions that improves business outcomes.
  • The engine has an open approach that enables customers to leverage their existing data warehouses or data lake environments.
  • The Business Value Indicator in the Engine determines drivers of business outcomes.
  • Includes Intelligent Actions to enable automated smarter actions and better business outcomes. This dramatically reduces time-to-value for OI applications.

Command Center

The Command Center includes self-service tools and dashboards that enable business operations managers to easily manage and take timely actions to improve business outcomes and create value for their enterprises.


Streaming Ingestion

The platform’s Streaming Ingestion capability leverages adapters and connectors to deliver fast data ingestion from various sources to the higher layers of the platform.

Vitria’s Stream Builder includes an auto-discovery capability that builds a formal schema that is then used in fast ingestion. This capability has been built with the specific business imperatives and Big Data explosion challenges in mind and is one of the foundational capabilities for faster analytics.

Data Warehouse/Data Lake

Our platform enables you to leverage your data warehouses and data lakes. These existing databases then become unified into the broader Vitria platform for comprehensive analytics processing over time.


Use Cases

The Vitria OI platform can deliver relevant business outcomes and use cases across industry verticals, such as manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, retail, and more.

  • Predictive Customer Experience
    Anticipate customers’ need in real-time and enrich their experience – when, where, and how – across the customer journey to increase retention and loyalty.

  • Fraud Detection
    Identify and alert on fraud in real-time so enterprises can act proactively to prevent the fraud before it adversely impacts the bottom line.

  • Supply Chain Optimization
    Optimize your supply chain with real-time visibility – inventory management, operating costs such as transportation and distribution, and order fulfillment.

  • Process Visibility
    Gain real-time visibility of processes, transactions, and activities across an enterprise through a single pane of glass.

  • Service Assurance
    Ensure smooth business operations while delivering service – maintaining optimal quality and improving customer experience.

  • Real-Time 1-to-1 Marketing
    Drive new types of revenue and create a completely unique customer experience based on lifestyle, location, purchase history, and behavior.

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