Network Managers:
Time to Escape From Alarm-Based Diagnostics
Life isn’t easy these days for telecom companies, who are facing the fast-growing need for new investment, in 5G and IoT technologies, in core fiber and in updating older equipment in general. As the Boston Consulting Group…
Mobile Providers: Are Smart Cities Your Next Big Customer
For mobile WiFi providers, the old real estate adage of Location, location, location is taking on new meaning with the advent of location-based services. Thanks to the growing availability of device GPS and the ubiquity of mobile…
Manufacturers: You Made It; Now Talk To It
Businesses in many, if not all, industries face a conundrum in putting the Internet of Things, and the insight it can deliver, to work on their behalf. There’s so much that’s potentially beneficial to company prospects that…
Telecom Operators:
Behold The New Customer-Service Network Stack
You’ve come a long way since rotary phones and 10-cent pay phones ruled the telecom infrastructure. You’ve been through mergers, breakups and other industry traumas; through difficult migrations from analog to digital technology; and through the specter…