Benefits for Energy Utilities

Vitria’s advanced analytics in the utilities industry adds value across the entire business – revenue enhancement, operational efficiency, and cost reduction. Our platform accelerates the movement to a real-time operations environment, which leads to better outcomes faster.

  • Eliminate disruptions and service degradation with predictive maintenance & actions to prevent problems before they occur
  • Maintain a secure & resilient grid by detecting & preventing problems in real-time
  • Grow and maintain revenue by offering real-time consumer & wholesale pricing options
  • Leverage multiple data sources to prepare for and be proactive in emergency scenarios

Use Cases

Vitria’s Advanced Analytics supports many use cases in the Utilities industry. Three of the most common cases are described below.

  • Supply/Demand Optimization

    Balancing supply and demand is the core challenge for any energy utility. Unplanned spikes in demand can have significant impact due to brownouts and blackouts. Vitria’s platform provides utilities with visibility into real-time supply and demand balancing to prevent major outages by minimizing variability in supply and demand.

  • Renewables & Grid Integration

    Integration of renewables into a Smart Grid requires dynamic supply management with the core electric generation assets of the utility. Our advanced analytics helps utilities to better balance the grid, monitor unsafe conditions in real-time, and integrate renewables for green initiatives.

  • New Consumer Services

    The Smart Grid enables consumers to choose when to use energy during off-peak hours to minimize costs. Vitria’s platform provides near real-time information and actions to enable energy efficiency programs, time-of-use options, and demand response services.