Benefits for Manufacturing

Using Vitria’s advanced analytics in manufacturing streamlines complex processes, prevents costly assembly line downtime, and highlights opportunities for increased efficiency for all processes for both discrete and process manufacturers. The Vitria analytics platform accelerates the movement to an Intelligent and Connected factory environment and leads to better outcomes faster.

  • Ensure uptime and a reliable and resilient manufacturing infrastructure with proactive equipment maintenance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and experience with faster deliveries and dramatic lead time reductions
  • Increase efficiency with asset and supply chain optimization throughout your value chain
  • Maximize energy efficiency with real-time management based on factory floor conditions


Advanced Analytics for Manufacturing Video

Learn how IoT Analytics allows you to optimize your asset management, predictive maintenance, assembly line optimization and more.



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Use Cases

Vitria’s Advanced Analytics supports many use cases in the Manufacturing industry. Three of the most common cases are described below.

  • Equipment Maintenance

    Unpredictable and costly equipment failures and malfunctions are the single largest issue for all manufacturers. Our platform provides the tools and capabilities to anticipate and prevent these costly breakdowns.

  • Asset Optimization

    Ensuring optimal usages and throughput on major capital investments in manufacturing is a complex undertaking. Our analytics platform maintains optimal operation conditions continuously in real-time.

  • Monitoring & Management

    Monitoring and managing an assembly line with a wide array of inputs and high technology equipment is a major challenge. Vitria’s advanced analytics provides visibility on complex processes and ensures continuous and efficient operations.