Vitria Delivers Cloud of Things Analytics

Vitria is the leader in Cloud of Things (CoT) analytics. Its VIA real-time analytics solution transforms streaming data into actions that improve business operations. The cloud-based platform ingests streaming data from a wide range of IoT devices, provides insights from real-time analytics and visualizations, and triggers automated actions to improve service delivery.

VIA provides operational certainty – the ability to know what to do, see what will change and then initiate action to improve business outcomes.


The VIA Platform includes:

  • Fast data ingestion and integration
  • Advance analytics – real-time, trend, predictive and prescriptive
  • Visualization engine
  • Intelligent action automation

Cloud of Things Analytics whitepaper

Download our guide to implementing Cloud of Things analytics in your organization.
The whitepaper includes:

  • An introduction to Cloud of Things
  • Overview of Cloud of Things analytics
  • Creating an analytics value chain
  • 5 common use cases for CoT analytics
  • Best practices you need to know

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