Want to Keep Your Telco Customers Happy and Loyal? Anticipate Their Every Need.

In today’s world, cell phone carriers can no longer merely compete on the basis of price and service quality. To successfully retain customers, providers must also focus on the quality of the customer experience, and customers expect more than just multiple channels to interact with their carrier. Today’s customers want choice and personalization – essentially they want to be treated as individuals.

The most effective Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs are predicated on real-time visibility into what’s happening within the customer base. While it’s undeniably important to deliver on the core of the value proposition – continuous, uninterrupted service anytime and anywhere – it’s equally important to stay ahead of your customers and be able to predict their behavior and needs and present the right offers at precisely the right time.

The ability to predict behavior and needs within the critical window of opportunity hinges on a real-time 360 degree view of the customer at the individual level. When you can leverage historical data as a baseline and correlate it with streaming data across multiple sources and formats, you can continuously make reliable predictions about your customers’ needs and wants in real-time and preemptively present them with highly targeted, personalized offers and plan configurations.

How can you leverage the combination of historical, streaming and predictive analytics to create offerings and plans that deliver highly targeted, personalized offers to your customer base?

You start with creating segments based on common behavioral attributes – things like what type of device they carry, which apps they use, and where and when they access service. Using these profiles as a baseline dataset, you can leverage streaming data and real-time analytics to continuously enrich them and deliver highly refined, timely and relevant offers. And, because you can correlate and analyze behavior across the whole spectrum of applications, devices, locations and experiences, you can predict what your customers will want and when they will need it.

You can even set up automated triggers to create personalized offers based on pre-specified behaviors and conditions. For instance, poor throughput, changes in application use patterns, and the use of particular service types can trigger real-time offers at an individual level to both build customer satisfaction and mitigate churn.

The value of streaming data and real-time analytics with respect to telecommunications CEM rests in three key capabilities: (1) enriching customer profiles through a holistic understanding across data sources of how customers are actually using the service at an individual level; (2) increasing customer loyalty through offering highly targeted service offers and promotions; and (3) reducing churn by identifying risk factors for attrition and addressing them in real-time.

It’s about meeting customer needs within the critical window through real-time analytics – it builds revenue and affinity, and minimizes attrition – this is the backbone of effective CEM for telecommunications.

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